Have Success with Agent Attraction

Wish you knew what to say when talking with other agents about eXp?

Agent attraction (aka recruiting) is only uncomfortable when you feel like you have to “sell the agent” on your brokerage.  The first few conversations are about two real estate agents getting to know each other, sharing information about their goals and lives and building a rapport that lasts. Only THEN, should a conversation about your brokerage take place.

Download this document and PRACTICE these responses to ensure you have the best agent attraction conversations.  Role play with other eXp agents in the Cloud Office or in person. It’s important that you are comfortable with these responses.


Agent Attraction eXp RealtyEmail me or Facebook message me with your questions. The key to success is to understand and get to know the agent. You may not want them on your team. So don’t go into the conversation assuming you do!