Want to be a Top Producing Agent?

Do you know agents who just seem to have the magic touch, converting real estate leads into clients easily and getting more clients than most other agents? Do you want to become one of those top producing agents? If so, read on and then watch the video “How to become  a Top Agent” below.

Becoming a top producing agent requires an investment of time (think focused time), money (Gary Keller says you should be spending 10% of every check on marketing *you*), and a system (a step-by-step consistent process that you do over and over again until you no longer want to be a successful Realtor).

In this video, learn about:

  • What’s the RIGHT marketing budget
  • The CRITICAL role Facebook plays in your success
  • How to Make TIME for the tasks that absolutely HAVE to get done
  • The BEST way to write any post, letter, or other marketing

Now, there’s no need to panic on the time and money aspects because you can use powerwordsforrealestate.com to save you both. How? All of your marketing is already written FOR you. All you have to do is log in, type in what you need in the Search field and download it (adding your name, tag line, phone number, website address). Then you’re done!

I’ve heard enough to know I want to try it! Where do I sign up?

Watch and listen to this ENTIRE video (you can listen in your car too!) to get at least 5 tips on what you can do RIGHT NOW to head toward becoming a Top Producing Agent!

NOTE: This is a Facebook LIVE Marketing Coaching video so agents are submitting their questions LIVE and I’m answering their questions along the way as they fit in the topic. Join us on Thursday, 8amPT/11amET on the Facebook page: SOS Inc. Marketing (www.facebook.com/powerwordspowerprofit).


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