Better Real Estate Business Cards

If YOUR card looks like this, ORDER new ones! These don’t work!

The PURPOSE behind a business card is not to see your face.

It’s to make an IMPRESSION on how you market your brand (and the first opportunity to see how you might market a listing). That means ENGAGING the reader through calls to action, not just printing a phone number or email address (see below for what works!).

(image blurred on purpose to protect the…er… agents who don’t know about PowerWords for Real Estate).

Can you count how many images have agents with their arms folded?

Bad Business Card examples

Do THIS Business Card Formula Instead!

  • Include your name AND TAG LINE ( see the Real Estate Tag Line section) so they start to learn something about you.

  • Be sure the backside of your card is a light-colored matte (writable) surface so you can write down an appointment date and time or a special note to the person you are giving your card to.

  • There is no need to include your Fax number on your card.

  • Remember, your prospects will have already located you online (Facebook, web site, LinkedIn, Trulia, ActiveRain, etc.) so they already know what you look like.

  • You can use a creative logo or graphic instead of your photo to represent more of who you are.

  • If you go with a picture of you, be sure your picture is not the standard head shot, which makes you look like every other agent.

  • Your picture should tell something about you or the area you represent (beachfront, golf course, luxury, etc.).Your other option is a “meeting room” shot with you going over paperwork with 1 or 2 other people. Be sure to check out Photos – Be More than Head and Shoulders lesson.

  • Wear professional looking clothing (shirts with sleeves, not a lot of jewelry, etc.)

  • Include ACTION WORDS:

    • Text or Call Me at: 555-555-5555

    • Learn more:

    • Reach me at:

    • Let’s Talk About YOUR Real Estate Options! (on the back at the bottom)