Want to Get More Buyer Leads and Seller Leads on Facebook?

Check out these 5 steps to Get MORE leads on Facebook

Agents tell me frequently “Facebook doesn’t work for me.”  In reality, it’s the content you post on Facebook and in your ads that’s not working. Believe it or not, Facebook WANTS you to be successful. The key to success with getting both Buyer leads and Seller leads on Facebook is to post and advertise with text that is useful and valuable to Facebook readers.

That means your posts and ads have to be engaging, be something that the reader wants to know more about, and be focused on THEIR interests (i.e. sharing MLS links to homes will rarely get you interest, let alone buyers!).

Follow these 5 steps to get Buyer leads and Seller leads on Facebook:

    1. Create a business page so you can Boost posts, Create Ads, and TARGET your audiences.
      • Use canva.com to create your Facebook cover and have “Text or Call me to talk about your Real Estate Options at 555-555-5555” on the cover.
    2. Go to Facebook Ads Manager (after you’ve logged into Facebook, use the dark down arrow in the upper right corner to pull down the menu). Select Create an Ad to Create a Target Audience (you have to do this step!)
    3. Go to the upper left corner of Facebook ads and click on the menu bars. Select Audiences. Create 3-5 different audiences with easy to remember names (such as “empty nester buyers in 85362”, “young professional buyers zips 60601-604”, “family sellers ages 35-50 in Lexington”).

      When creating audiences, in addition to specifying geography, be sure to use “Detailed Targeting” to indicate Financials>Income, Interests, Employers, Job Titles and other methods for refining your audience. DOWNLOAD this “Creating a Target Audience in Facebook” for detailed instructions.

Getting Buyer Leads and Seller Leads on Facebook

  1. Write a post on your business page that gives a tip, trick, or some content of value, and has a Call to Action such as “Got questions? I’m here with answers. Let’s talk. Text or call me at 555-555-5555.” Then click on Boost Post, select one of your audiences to boost it to, and select a budget.
  2. Boost the post for $5-10 per day over 4-7 days. For Buyers and Sellers, Wednesday – Sunday. For Agents, Sunday to Thursday.


NOTE: Be very specific with your audience so the right people see the Boosted post. Then, once you see your Insights and the results (what is and isn’t working), you can create a Facebook Ad.

Now, go TRY it!  Use $5 for 3 days if you’re short on cash. Just dive in and try it. Avoid waiting for the “right time.”

 By the way, if you’re still wondering whether to create or update your Real Estate brochure, check out this article “Do Real Estate Brochures Work?”.