Do Real Estate Brochures Work?

Ever wonder if your Real Estate brochures are working? In other words, you feel better that you left behind a real estate brochure, some information about you, with a prospect, but does it actually get you more clients? Is there a better investment of those dollars (usually about $300-$500 for one print run)?

Real Estate marketing is changing fast. Any real estate coach should be telling you that. So those brochures and doorknockers you’re printing? They’re not as effective as they used to be. Here’s why.

Who’s Buying and Selling?

Check out the demographics from the National Association of Realtors® (NAR):

Age of home buyers









Age of home sellers








(You can download the 2017 generational trends according to NAR Research at


Note that 35% of buyers are Millennials, with the median age of 30. Doorknockers and brochures won’t get a Millennials attention (they don’t “do” paper).

Millennials and Gen Xers want video and social media posts and entertaining ads that capture their attention.  They want to be entertained.

On the Seller side, Gen X makes up 25% and older boomers (61-69) are a close second. Are your brochures and doorknockers filled with Calls to Action? Do they have photos of people that match each of these demographics?

What’s Your Real Estate Brochure Look Like?

Let’s take a look at what your Real Estate brochure (and doorknockers) look like today.

  • Are your Real Estate brochures filled with Calls to Action or just lots of pictures and big paragraphs (anything longer than 3.5 lines iss a big paragraph)?
  • Do they have photos of people that match each of these demographics?
  • Are the people looking at the camera?
real estate brochures

Does your real estate brochure look like this?

If you just have a head shot of you and a few pictures of a house, you’re not going to see much response.


If you decide that Real Estate brochures, flyers, and doorknockers are your “go to” marketing strategy, then be sure your content is all about the problem you solve for that demographic.


The content should not be about you. You are a stranger.

You have to build interest and rapport as a problem solver first. That means adding value to their experience by giving them information they’ll find helpful and interesting (not a free CMA).

It also means the real estate brochure can’t be about just the house and all the details that are already part of the MLS sheet.

Your role is to paint the experience of a buyer’s family living in each room,
building memories, relaxing, and enjoying their new environment.

Top 5 Marketing Tools More Effective than a Real Estate Brochure

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