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Real Estate Systems and Organization

Module 1: Organization & Systems

  • Why Use This Module? Intro video – Be the CEO of YOUR Business
  • Business Planning video
    • 1-page EZ Real Estate Business Plan (45 minutes)
  • Productivity and Task Management
    • Maximizing your time (block schedule) – 15 minutes once per week
    • Getting Things Done (Daily task list) – 10 minutes each night
  • Your Buyer System Checklist
  • Your Listing System Checklist


Module 2: Marketing Quick Start

Real Estate Branding

  • Developing a personal brand that Stands OUT!
  • Differentiating from the pack – using a tag line instead of a title – 20 minutes
  • Effective Real Estate Photos – You’re more than just a head and shoulders! – 15 minutes
  • Creating a Business card Leads will USE – 30 minutes
  • GREAT Yard Signs that get attention! – Does yours look like the one across the street? – 30 minutes
  • Writing an Effective Email Signature – Here’s your chance to make an impression – 15 minutes
  • Leaving a Voicemail message that will get a Call back – 5 minutes
  • Does YOUR Phone Message get Leads? – 5 minutes



Real Estate Lead Generation Funnel

Module 3: Real Estate Lead Generation

  • Email and Ad Real Estate Marketing Tools
    • Real Estate Marketing for Facebook Posts and Email blasts – 45 minutes
  • Social media basics
    • Facebook – access to 224 million leads – 45 minutes
    • LinkedIn – for the business professional – 15 minutes
  • Effective Web Site pages – 2 hours
    • Web Site Structure & metrics
    • Home page content – the good, the bad and the ugly
    • Content for other pages
    • Blogs – your thoughts about what’s going on in town, in the neighborhood
    • Using testimonials on your web site
    • Links to helpful information
  • Listing Flyers that promote your services – creative, catchy, visually fun – 3o minutes
    • Real Estate Flyer templates
  • Real Estate Postcards & Cards that WORK (no 4×6!) – 30 minutes
  • Increase your SEO with Easy Blogging – 30 minutes
  • Get Your Email Opened!
    • Buyer emails all ready to go! – 15 minutes
    • Seller emails all ready to go! – 15 minutes
  • Networking – Scripts for having the right conversations with other agents and leads – 15 minutes
  • Effective Real Estate Video Marketing – 30 minutes



Module 4: Attracting Buyer Leads

  • Facebook ads that drives Buyer leads – 10 minutesAttracting Buyer Leads
  • Written- FOR – YOU Buyer Emails for follow-up – 10 minutes
  • Buyer’s Consultation Checklist – Making sure you get paid! – 5 minutes
  • Handling Buyer Objections with the RIGHT words – 20 minutes





Module 5: Attracting Seller Leads

Marketing to Seller leads enables you to work with people you WANT to work with and help them achieve their goal to move on.Attracting Seller Leads

  • Facebook ad templates for Sellers – 15 minutes
  • Using Seller Letters – 15 minutes
  • Attracting Seller Leads with Lead magnets – 15 minutes
  • Seller Postcard templates – 20 minutes
  • Handwritten note card templates – 10 minutes
  • Effective Flier Checklist, samples and critiques – 15 minutes





Module 6: Getting the Listing

You’ll be able to use this SYSTEM to pass it on to those working with you on your team.Getting the Listing

  • The first conversation with your listing prospect – 20 minutes
  • Listing Consultation – it’s a CONVERSATION!
  • Preparation – 45 minutes
    • Tools
    • Death by PowerPoint
    • Notes
    • When to talk about home price
    • Script examples – PRACTICE them!
    • Questions to ask your prospect
  • Handling Seller Objections – 20 minutes
  • Consultation leave-behinds and follow up – 30 minutes



Module 7: Marketing a Listing Effectively

Marketing a Listing Effectively

MLS language – Be different!

  • MLS Description examples and templates – 20 minutes
  • Open House signage outdoors and indoors – 20 minutes
  • Listing Fliers – Differentiate! Avoid using the same template for everything -20 minutes
    • Listing Flyer templates aka Promo Sheets –
  • Targeting Your Buyer Audience with Facebook – 20 minutes




Module 8: Marketing to Seniors

  • Understanding the Senior Mindset – 15 minutesMarketing to the Senior Real Estate Market
  • Marketing to Seniors – 20 minutes
    • Real Estate Postcard templates
    • Real Estate Flyer templates
    • Real Estate Email templates
    • Real Estate Facebook ads
  • How to Market to Senior Buyers – 20 minutes
  • How to Market to Senior Sellers -20 minutes



Module 9: Marketing to Millennials

  • Understanding the Millennial MindsetMarketing to the Millennial Real Estate Market
  • Marketing to Millennials
    • Real Estate Emails ready to go! – 10 minutes
    • Real Estate Facebook ads – 15 minutes
    • Real Estate Blogging – 15 minutes
    • The Role of Texting
    • Using QR codes in Real Estate – 5 minutes
  • How to Market to Millennial Buyers – 15 minutes
  • How to Market to Millennial Sellers – 15 minutes


Recruiting Agents - Agent Attraction

Module 10: Agent Attraction & Recruiting

  • Attraction Actions for Recruiting Agents – 20 minutes
  • Agent Recruiting Ad Copy – 15 minutes
  • Agent Recruiting Appointment Script – 5 minutes
  • What to Say and When to Say it – 20 minutes
  • How to Use Calculators and other comparison tools – 10 minutes




Marketing to Probates, FSBOs and Expired Listings

Module 11: Helping Probates, FSBOs, Expireds

  • Positioning your Real Estate services differently – 20 minutes
  • Letters to Probates, FSBOs and Expireds – 10 minutes
  • Voicemail Scripts for Probates, FSBOs and Expireds – 20 minutes
  • Communication Plan – 7-10 touches – 20 minutes




Real Estate Marketing Questions

Module 12: Tell US what you need!

Don’t see a particular topic you want? We even have a module on “What Do You Need?” Just tell us what’s missing and what content you need to help make your real estate business more successful. We’ll create it for you!







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