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The Real Estate Marketing Wingman program is the REAL Deal. I focus on Real Estate and building relationships while My Marketing Wingman gets me more leads and clients. — Tom Mayer, Realtor®

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Power Words for Real Estate

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What’s your investment?

If you’re a VIP, you’re used to getting the assistance you deserve to keep your business on course for Top Production.

Is that too steep for you? Well, then spend the $249 and go through each lesson on your own because YOU are a self-starter! If things don’t work out quite the way you expected, that’s fine. Just upgrade to the VIP program and we’ll get you on the calendar for the next available session.

What’s the cost of not hiring your very own Real Estate Marketing Wingman?

With hundreds of millions of dollars being pumped into Zillow, OfferPad, Opendoor and other similar “one-stop shop brokerages’, their TV ads and marketing will get to your leads BEFORE you do! Then of course, there are the thousands of other agents with whom you compete. By using engaging marketing techniques, with the right frequency and targeted markets, you’ll become the OBVIOUS CHOICE because YOU will stand out from all the others. Otherwise, you may end up working for one of those large companies.



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