Facebook Posts and Facebook Ads are

THE way to get your leads’ attention!

It’s no surprise. Facebook posts and Facebook ads are THE way to draw your leads to you.

But when you post something, where do you take them? You can’t just post and post and post and expect to hear from your leads. You must send the to Content of Value (you know, something they’re interested in reading or doing!) on your website.

NOTE: This page has to have something of interest for them! That means, do not just send them to your IDX Search page. That way, you’re *giving* them something and they’re likely to look around.

Easy Facebook Post Instructions

So if YOU were moving, what types of topics would you want to see someone post about? (hint: look under the Local Trends or Happenings info on your website). EVERY one of those is a Facebook post. For example,

Are you thinking of moving your family to the {TOWN NAME} area? Check out the school ratings in the different areas and then TEXT or Call me to talk about your Real Estate options. Click here to get the School details: http://yourwebsitename.com/schools/

Then, go to 123rf.com and go to Pricing and buy the 40 credits for $32 so you can buy photos (JUST the 1 CREDIT ones! You do not need larger images!). When you have 40 photos, you’re done with buying photos! You really only need 40 Go-To Facebook posts and you can just repost them every 40 days, adding some fresh material in for Weekend Happenings, Listings, and Open Houses.

Search on 123rf.com (a photo purchase site) for “school kids” and buy something with PEOPLE in it! (no pictures of inanimate objects)

Facebook post instructions






Voila! You’re done!

So the steps are:

  1. Find something on your website you can share with people
  2. Start your Facebook post with a question about that topic.
  3. Provide your Text or Call information for questions and help.
  4. Provide the link to your webpage with the topic information
  5. Grab a related photo (the small size works best).
  6. Post!

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