Is my marketing strategy working?

The short answer is, you probably don’t know if your Real Estate marketing strategy is working. You keep doing the same things that may have worked 3 or 5 or even 10 years ago and it just seems harder and harder to get leads. Sound familiar?

The old metric, your phone is ringing, no longer is an accurate metric. People don’t call other people much anymore.

How do I get a Real Estate Marketing Strategy that works?

First, pay attention to how YOU communicate.  What do you prefer? Think about it. People DO  text, message, email, and post. They avoid calling. Don’t take it personally; calling and talking with a person is time consuming and it’s risky for your leads. They’re thinking “What if you try to sell me something?”

Texting and emailing is much faster and efficient and both the sender and recipient choose when to respond. It’s convenient communication.

Does YOUR real estate marketing strategy take these trends into account?

Most Real Estate Agents use brochures as a way to talk about themselves (see the article “Do Real Estate Brochures Work?). But what marketing really gets you 20+ more transactions each year? The answer lies mostly in the internet (for example, see “Getting Buyer and Seller Leads with Facebook“).

You need a marketing strategy worksheet so that you can consistently do the tasks that WILL make a difference in your business. A strategy is about the WAY you want to go after Buyer and Seller leads. Think of your marketing strategy in terms of sports. Every coach has a playbook, different “plays” to execute in order to reach the goal.

Your “plays” will be tasks such as posting to your Facebook business page each day,  recording videos showing the various neighborhoods you represent, and using direct mail that is VERY different than what you see in most mailboxes today.

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Real Estate Marketing Strategy - what's working?