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Own Your Own Real Estate BrandThis is Pam Ostrowski. I’ve been a solopreneur for over 20 years so I get how hard it is to run your own business. Hundreds of agents have told me how stressed out they get trying to find leads and then convert them.

PowerWords help Attract Leads.

PowerWords Draw in Buyers for your Listings.

PowerWords show Sellers you know how to Market their home.

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I want to help agents get and convert 2-3 additional clients per month because you work so hard to help your clients. You shouldn’t have to waste time searching for the words that work in order to get more clients. Now, you have written-FOR-you Real Estate Marketing at your fingertips



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Quick Story

I priced this membership at $47/month because I didn’t want price to stand in your way of success.

After the first month, you’ll know it’s worth tens of thousands of dollars in your bank account if you use all the information and it will still only be $47 per month to be a member. Isn’t your time worth $1.50 per day?

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“You have SO much knowledge to share!” Kellie P., TN Realtor

“It’s a Powerful Program with lots of usable marketing content
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Patrick K. NH Realtor

“Starting Year 2 as an agent.
This is EXACTLY what I need!”
Amy W., MS Realtor

“Pam was able to help me understand where
I went wrong with my Facebook ads. She’s THE expert.
Her suggestions make so much sense!”
Stephany D., DMV Realtor

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