Wondering what to leave behind after a Listing Consultation?

Most Realtors leave behind the typical folder, which… ends up in a drawer, hiding all of its contents from telling the Seller about that agent. Is that what YOU want? HECK NO!

Listing Consultation folder

For your Listing Consultation, you want to make an Amazing IMPRESSION. First, call this meeting what it is:  a Listing Consultation. It’s not a presentation because in this day and age, you *DO NOT PRESENT* to your leads; you consult with them about their wants, needs and options.

To make an impression, you have to show the homeowners HOW you will market their home differently than other agents. Watch the short video below to get ideas on how you can do this.

<- TYPICAL “Listing Presentation” folder



Stand OUT from other Agents by giving a gift that
SHOWS OFF how your Marketing is DIFFERENT!



Instead, use a Gift Bag, basket or other container that cannot fit in a drawer and is considered a gift in and of itself! Here are some ideas for marketing to put INSIDE the gift bag:

Listing presentation leave behind

Watch this short video for some ideas on to make an impression during and AFTER your Listing Consultation or first time meeting with your Seller Leads.


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