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Making Lead Gen EASY with Facebook!



Real Estate Lead Gen with Facebook


EXTRA CREDIT! (for the over-achievers in the group)

EASY Steps to Getting Real Estate Leads on Facebook

    1. Create a business page so you can Boost posts, Create Ads, and TARGET your audiences (you can’t do any of that with just a personal page and personal page reach is very limited by engagement these days).

    2. Go to Facebook Ads Manager (go to the dark arrow in upper right and select Manage Ads). 

    3. Click on the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left and select All Tools and click on Audiences.

    4. Create 3-5 different audiences with easy to remember names (such as “empty nester buyers in 85362”, “young professional buyers zips 60601-604”, “family sellers ages 35-50 in Lexington”)

    5. Write a post on your business page that gives a tip or news (if you can, link to more information on your website). Add a picture of people doing whatever your post topic is about. 

    6. WAIT 3 days to see how well (#of likes, shares, comments and reach) the post does. If it does well, do Step 7. If it doesn’t, use another post. POST 5 days a week on your business page and SHARE it on your personal page

    7. Click Boost and select the best audience for the post. Select $5/day for 7 days. Poof! Now THOUSANDS of people will see you in their newsfeeds.

       NOTE: Be very specific with your audience so the right people see the Boosted post. Then, you can create an ad once your see the insights and results to see what’s working and what isn’t

Now, go TRY it! :)

Stand OUT from the Crowd of Other Agents!