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Frequently Asked Questions
Meet Pam

Wondering where to find all the Marketing Content you need to Stand Out from the Crowd?

Follow Jim Rohn’s advice “Plan Tomorrow TODAY! Avoid feeling overwhelmed and unproductive. Start with Module 1.

Here’s the breakdown of where to find what. Just CLICK on the + sign to see ALL the content.

If you want to explore a topic, click on the Module Title line to jump to that module.

Module 1: Getting in the Right Mindset for Success

  • Why Use This Module? Intro video – Be the CEO of YOUR Business
  • Business Planning video
    • 1- page EZ Plan
  • Productivity and Task Management
    • Maximizing your time (block schedule)
    • Getting Things Done (Daily task list)

Module 2: Marketing Quick Start

  • Developing a personal brand
  • Differentiating from the pack – using a tag line as your new last name
  • Photos – You’re more than just a head and shoulders!
  • Business cards – How to make them more useful
  • Yard Signs – Does yours look like the one across the street?
  • Email Signature – Here’s your chance to make an impression
  • Leaving a Voicemail message that Gets a Call Back
  • What does YOUR phone message say?

Module 3: Getting MORE Leads

  • Social media basics
    • Real Estate Marketing Matrix for Social Media Posts and Emails
  • Posts, Pins, Pics & Profiles
    • Facebook & Instagram – the social place
    • YouTube – create a home for SEO and website effectivity
    • LinkedIn – for attracting the business professional
  • Web pages
    • Web Site Outline
    • Home page content – the good, the bad and the ugly
    • Content for other pages
    • Blogs – your thoughts about what’s going on in town, in the neighborhood
    • Testimonials
    • Links to helpful information
  • Listing Flyers that promote your services – creative, catchy, visually fun
    • Flyer templates
  • Postcards that get Results (no 4×6 format!)
  • Get Better SEO with Easy Blogging tips
  • Networking – Scripts for having the right conversations with other agents and leads
  • Video emails (with or without you in them)
    • Buyer Templates
    • Seller Templates

Remember What Tony Robbins says: “By changing nothing, nothing changes.

Module 4: Getting the Buyer’s Attention

  • Letters, Facebook post & ad content, and much more!
  • Email Copy to ensure your emails get read
  • Preparing for the Buyer Consultation
  • Handling Buyer Objections with the RIGHT words

Module 5: Attracting Sellers to You

Listings enable you to target a market, set your engagement rules, and just add pure value.

  • Getting Seller Leads to Find You
  • Get Results from Facebook
  • Seller Lead Email and Postcard templates
  • Handwritten card templates
  • Flyer, Calendars and other Print material templates
  • Got Letters & Flyers (easy to find content)

Module 6: Getting the Seller to Select YOU!

You’ll be able to use this SYSTEM to pass it on to those working with you on your team.

  • The first conversation with your listing prospect – What to Say
  • Listing Consultation – it’s a CONVERSATION!
  • Preparation
    • Tools
    • Death by PowerPoint
    • Notes
    • When to talk about price
    • Script examples – PRACTICE them
    • Set the stage
    • Questions to ask your prospect
  • Handling Seller Objections
  • The Listing Consultation Slide Deck (aka Listing Presentation)
    • Consultation leave-behinds and follow up

Module 7: You have a Listing! Now What?

Start with changing your MLS descriptions!

  • Writing an AMAZING MLS Description! (with examples)
  • Flyers – Differentiate! Avoid using the usual stock template for everything
    • Flyer pictures & wording
  • Targeting Your Buying Audience with Social Media
  • Effective Yard Signs & OPEN HOUSE Signs

Module 8: Marketing to Seniors

  • Understanding the Senior Mindset
  • Attracting Seniors Sellers
    • Postcard templates
    • Flyer templates
    • Email templates
    • Facebook ads
  • Postcards, Flyers, Posts and Ads for Seniors
  • Attracting Senior Buyers

Module 9: Marketing to Millennials

  • Understanding the Millennial Mindset
  • Marketing to Millennials
    • Email template
    • Facebook ads
    • Blogging
    • Role of Texting
  • Millennial Buyers
  • Millennial Sellers

Module 10: Agent Attraction & Recruiting

  • What to Say to Agents & When
  • Attraction Actions
    • Email & Ad Copy
    • Voicemail script (use
    • Appointment Script
    • Social Media
  • How to Use Calculators and other comparison tools

Module 11: Helping Probates, FSBOs, Expireds

  • Positioning your services differently
  • Reaching out to your leads 7-10 times
  • Marketing to Those Representing a Home in Probate
    • Letters
    • Script
  • Marketing to FSBOs
    • Letters
    • Scripts
  • Marketing to the Expired Listing Home Owner

Module 12: Tell US what you need!

Don’t see a particular topic you want? We even have a module on “What Do You Need?” Just tell us what’s missing and what content you need to help make your real estate business more successful. We’ll create it for you!