Power Drive Time

Power Drive Time

Listen to these Podcasts and Learn while you drive!

Did you know you spend 4.3 years of your life driving your car. That’s enough distance to go to the moon and back 3 times! Let’s make good use of that time!

Top 5 Tips for Effective Video Marketing – Guest David Harbour and Host Pam Ostrowski


Is Your Real Estate Sales Funnel Working FOR You?

Use this short podcast to evaluate if you have all the Sales Funnel Elements in place (and the content that goes with them!) to GROW your business and your bank account!

Know what to say on your Business Cards and Business Facebook Page?

Get tips on how to improve your Business Cards, creative booth giveaways, and what to post on your Business Facebook posts

Running with Real Estate – Branding & Marketing – Host Realtor Jeff Buettner and Guest Pam Ostrowski