Real Estate Templates that Can Accelerate Your Real Estate Success

It’s true!  If you use these three Real Estate Templates, you will:

  • Get more done in a shorter period of time
  • Get more of the RIGHT tasks done that produce results (more time, more money, better lifestyle)
  • Know where you are in your business goals at any point in time

DOWNLOAD all 3 Real Estate templates and start using them TODAY
to get 8+ hours back per week and get MORE done!


#1 – Where Is My Business At Today?

Every business year should start out with aggressive goals. Every number on this worksheet should be double what you achieved in the previous year (yes, seriously).

Self-limiting beliefs are what stop us from success.

Use this Playbook Progress Worksheet to write down your 12 month goals (just double last year’s production for a start to get something down on paper). Then get to work on your 30 day lead and close targets.

Revisit this worksheet on the 30th of EVERY month (just once a month).

Click on this link or on the image to DOWNLOAD this 1-page worksheet that will increase your production by 20-50%!

Real Estate Template Goals






#2 – Save Time – Be More Productive

Below, you will find an example Block Schedule. Modify it EACH WEEK on Sunday evening so you start your week off on Monday morning knowing what you’re doing and when. This schedule should change each week, as your client and networking meetings change.

Click on this link or on the image to DOWNLOAD the Block Schedule.

Real estate templates - time block






#3 – Prioritize

Business people tend to get torn in many directions. Every else’s priorities are more important than their own. That’s why many businesses don’t grow or go out of business.

At the end of EVERY day, take just 10 minutes and write down what tomorrow looks like. Circle the TOP 3 tasks that will make the biggest difference in your business. Make SURE you do those 3 tasks by the end of the day.

The day doesn’t end until you do those 3 tasks.

Have extra time? Look at your list. Decide which one # 4 and #5 and do those next. Do NOT do smaller tasks that you think will take less time. They won’t and you’ll have focused on something that doesn’t change your life.

Click on this link or the image to DOWNLOAD the Daily List worksheet.  The instructions provide the level of task prioritization skills AFTER you master the TOP 3 method. Do the TOP 3 method of 2 weeks before you move onto these instructions.

Real Estate Templates - Task Prioritization
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