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Need more High-Quality Buyer and Seller Leads?

Of COURSE you do! It’s the #1 thing on agents’ minds today!

Want your personal brand to stand out? SURE! But HOW?

If your plan is to build Wealth as a Real Estate Agent, you’ve got to stay busy with leads and clients!

So…  how about a super Simple and Easy Solution that’s Repeatable?

Then these lead-gen easy step by  step marketing courses are for you!


You get tested for success, effective high-quality real estate marketing content

as part of the courses! You can learn HOW or just Click-Copy-Paste the swipe files.

How EASY is that?!

I’m Pam and as a marketing consultant for the Fortune 1000, I’ve come up with expert marketing techniques that WORK and don’t feel salesy or creepy.

NOW I want to SHARE those techniques through my step-by-step courses to help YOU easily attract more high-quality leads

IMAGINE having leads reach out to YOU and how happy you’ll be to

enjoy the resulting Wealth and Peace of Mind!

When you’re busy, you’re probably overwhelmed and don’t have time to write your own Marketing.

You want Marketing that attracts leads that are ready to go and close quickly so you can take your family on vacation or buy that new car.

What if you could…

  • Just pop into a place where all your marketing is already written for you?
  • Follow-up with leads and past clients quickly and easily without having to learn complicated tools?
  • Use the right words to attract Millennial, Senior, FSBO, Probate and other types of Buyers and Sellers with just a Click-Copy-Paste at your computer?
  • Avoid all the hassle of 1 and 2 star leads and instead, focus on the parts of real estate you love with the clients you love?
  • Create enough curiosity in your marketing that your leads reach out to you rather than you having to seek them out? 

What do I get?

  • Step-by-Step video walk-through of where to find things as well as a handy Search tool when you need something fast.
  • Full access to over 150 marketing pieces that will attract more high-quality clients and keep your business growing.
  • Group coaching LIVE every week where you can ask your questions and get immediate answers.  Watch live or watch the recording later.
  • Membership to our Real Estate Agent Tribe on the Facebook Private Group where you can ask questions of your peers and me in a safe & private environment. Find out what’s working TODAY to get more leads and clients!
  • Email and Facebook messaging access to me to ask marketing questions.
  • No need to learn new tools or figure out what to write that attracts leads. Just Click – Copy – Paste.
  • All for just $75/month (that’s just $2.50/day!)

“The Marketing Wingman Services are the REAL Deal. I focus on Real Estate and building relationships while My Marketing Wingman gets me more leads and clients faster. The video services and resulting social media traction has been amazing and has greatly helped my visibility!”

Tom Mayer, REALTOR, Phoenix, AZ

“I’m terrible at writing content. Pam’s Marketing Vault has ready-made content that makes my life SO much EASIER! Don’t we all  need that? You all would be doing yourself a disservice to not check out the Marketing Vault.”

Misty Carrier, REALTOR, Lafayette, LA

So… how would you answer these questions?

  • During what part of your day or week are you sitting down to do follow-up with leads, past clients and your sphere? 
  • Are people engaging with your Facebook & Instagram posts (comments, Likes, Loves) and website?
  •  Are you wondering if your Facebook ads are attracting high-quality leads or just lookie-lous?
  • Are your leads and past clients opening your emails and engaging with you?

Does your head hurt just thinking about those questions? 

If you don’t take action now, though, what will change?

or does your challenge sound more like this?

  • You’re out talking with leads and clients most of the day.
  • When you’re not with clients, you’re working on your transaction documents.
  • You’re going to your brokerage’s meetings and training in your spare time.
  • You’re out with other agents on Brokers tours to check out inventory.

Then… When does your marketing to new leads happen?

With the Real Estate Marketing Vault and Power Words, you can keep doing those things AND be working on lead gen to get more leads.

Pam Ostrowski

Real Estate

Marketing Wingman

Why you deserve this

Spending over 3000 hours coaching Real Estate Agents taught me many things. First off, you work VERY hard for your money. Second, there’s really not anyone out there helping you promote yourself well to attract leads. 

You deserve proven, effective marketing that draws in the leads, the clients and the money. Say goodbye to templates you have to fill in or sharing space on a postcard with a lender or title company.  That’s just not right (and usually doesn’t work).

You deserve marketing that reflects who you are. That’s why I created the over 150 marketing pieces in the Real Estate Marketing Vault.

If you’re willing to Click-Copy-Paste, I think you’ll be happy with the results you get.

Guaranteed. If you don’t get any results and you go through all the sections and can show me your work, I’ll give you your money back. No risk (but you have to do the work).

To your Success!


All for just $75/month (that’s just $2.50 day!). You can afford that!

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