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Know Who You’re Targeting


Generic marketing gets generic results

(that is, you don’t meet your client goal!).

Real Estate Facebook posts are no exception!

Define your Target Audiences! Who ARE your Clients?

These Free Posts are broken down to specific Target Audiences.
That way, each Audience knows you’re talking to THEM!

Note: you can use these posts for Facebook Ad text as well.

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Real Estate Facebook Posts

For ALL Marketing  (posts, emails, ads, postcards, flyers and other materials)  be sure you use a strong introductory question in your Subject Title or Post  first sentence. That means uncovering the reader’s pain or concern.


  • Frustrated by searching and falling in love with homes that are already under contract?
  • Not sure who to trust when deciding whether to sell your home?
  • Uncertain whether you can afford your first home?

Target the Right Audience

Here’s an example of an agent’s top 3-5 target audiences. No more than that! You will not do your target markets justice by spreading yourself too thin! Start with 3 target markets, focus on those and once they’re responding, you can expand what you’ve learned to 3 more.

  • 55+ year old  Home Buyers
  • 55+ year old  Home Sellers
  • 35 and under Millennials
  • Executor of Homes under Probate

Each of these markets MUST have a different type of message
or they will not respond to you.

Those considering selling their homes want to know you know how to market a home. Those looking to buy home want to know that you listen to their needs and budget.

You can even have a different tag line for each (see the Tag Line content under the Marketing Quick Start module).

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You can use the text of these posts for emails, ads, postcards, fliers and other materials too!



We want you to have everything you need for a successful Social Media post or ad so as a BONUS, here is our content on using the right photos with your new Power Words post copy!

Use Expressive Photos to Get Reactions!

You’ll need photos with people in them  (we use

The key to good photos is showing EMOTION. First, a photo showing the pain or problem you can help solve and then the emotion after the problem is solved.

Click HERE (or on the picture) to Download a document filled with examples of photos YOU should be using!

Marketing Matrix Photos




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