Need a Real Estate Marketing Strategy?

Of course you do! If you’re a Realtor, you will ALWAYS need a Real Estate Marketing Strategy.  Your strategy is the HOW behind your Marketing. To capture your Real Estate Marketing Strategy, we use the Marketing Playbook. This Playbook is full of “plays” that you’ll “run” in order to reach your “goal”. (yep, there’s a sports analogy here!)

Click on the image below to DOWNLOAD the .pdf document. PRINT the document so you can use it as a worksheet easily. Once you download and print the document, click on the Real Estate webinar below to walk through the playbook step-by-step.


Real Estate Marketing Plan






Watch THIS Step-by-Step Real Estate Marketing Plan Webinar!

Watch this step-by-step Real Estate Marketing Strategy webinar from Facebook live to get your Playbook completed in just 1 hour!

We cover the following critical elements of ANY Real Estate Marketing Plan:

  • Who – Know WHO you want as clients specifically. No, you don’t want “anyone and everyone” because your message cannot be targeted at their needs, challenges and the right solutions for them. The webinar below covers this in detail.
  • What – Be able to articulate your unique message about your services. Why should a lead select you above all the other thousands of agents out there? The webinar talks to your unique message in more detail.
  • Where – Be selective on where you communicate your message. Did you know that 79% of Twitter users reside outside the U.S.? NOT your target market. Watch the webinar for recommendations on this.
  • When – Action is Power. Most people read and listen to plenty of great ideas. But they lose out in thousands of dollars of money because they never take action. Be sure you TAKE ACTION by organizing your tasks. Learn more by watching the webinar below.

of Real Estate Marketing Strategy to ensure you have an effective marketing plan that WORKS for you! If you follow this system, you WILL get MORE CLIENTS!

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