Tired of creating your own Real Estate Marketing Facebook posts?

It’s the #1 complaint we hear from agents about Real Estate marketing!  My Real Estate marketing Facebook posts aren’t working!

First, hopefully, you’re not using a service to post to your Facebook Business Page! They don’t care about your brand and rarely get any engagement. Engagement (Likes, Shares, Comments) are what Facebook is paying attention to. It’s how Facebook decides who and how many see your posts!

Save Yourself Some Money! Do Real Estate Marketing with Facebook the RIGHT way!

So save yourself some money and stop the service you’re using. Your Facebook business page should be about your target markets, those people you WANT to have as your clients.

Use these Real Estate marketing targeted posts to get started on the path to engagement with your Buyer and Seller leads! (plus more Facebook attention!)

You can use this copy for either Facebook posts or ad copy. They work for both!

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Real Estate Marketing Facebook posts