Your Real Estate Website Shows
Buyers and Home Owners
How GOOD You Are as an Agent and Marketer

What does YOUR website say about YOU?

How do Buyer Readers Feel?

94% of Buyers go online and looking at Real Estate Websites to start their home search. With 61% of Buyers being under the age of 45, it’s even more important to have a Real Estate website that makes the reader feel comfortable with you. You website must have “content of value” that allows the reader to see your knowledge of the area they are thinking of moving to and helps them get to know you.

How do Seller Readers Feel?

Sellers check out your Real Estate website to evaluate your branding and marketing skills. Do you have dedicated listing pages that paint the experience for the buyer on what it would be like to live in this home? Do you have several Real Estate marketing videos that are high quality and entertaining?

Will Sellers find your site talks about you, how your help your clients, helpful tips and community information or will they just find a Search feature to look at homes? How will they get to know YOU?

If YOUR website doesn’t have this type of content, Buyers and Sellers will go to the big name sites instead.

Do you have engaging website photos?

Does your website have action photos of people? Does it show you working with a client at a meeting table or holding a SOLD sign with everyone giving the “Thumbs Up!” sign? These are big moments in people’s lives. Capturing them and putting them on your website engages your reader’s emotions and makes them more willing to trust you.

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